Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

ASPD Hacks for All Weapon (RF)

his worked for me. It MIGHT work for you. If you are noob at UCE, go for it and if you don\'t get it try again.

I was doing this on public/offical server, the codemasters 1. I use SORA engine, scans better floats then CE, but use whatever.

step 1.
Remove any item that effects ur attack speed. No weapon.
If you look at your attack speed it says 1.00 faster. ( faster) this much faster , not your ACTUAL attack speed.
So go to float, and scan for Unknown initial value On memory scan option ALL.
this could take a minute based on your computer, you might even crash, if you do. totally not my fault, buy a better computer.
Step 2. Once the first scan is done, Equip a weapon, or if you have attack speed increase gear try it. Now based on what you equip If it decreases search for NEXT VALUE DECREASED. If it increased ur speed, search for INCREASED NEXT VALUE. ( if u wear attk speed increase, then it goes up so if u take it off... it goes down get it?)
Once you have done that. Spam unchanged value a few times ( your attack speed will not have change) thus removing some extra address\'s .
Step 3.
Continue your decreased or increased value, until u end up with about 20 address\'s . Now poke around a bit, I am sure you will find it.

Credit : Shiryo

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