Kamis, 16 April 2009

Clue Tempa Barang di RF online

Hallo sahabat setia, ini jawaban yang minta cheat tempa, sebenarnya tidak ada cheat tempa itu yang ada bug tempa dan bug tempa ini di namakan bug dupe enchant beritut tutornya gw kasih ok :
yes - there is an enchant-bug for gracia ^^
because of this bug 3 official servers went down because gm's saw many people with +2 & 5 ^^

ok ... its very easy:

1. Buy 2 Weapons of same type
_> 1x shining bow 1x dragonic bow
2. now enchant the one you want to get high till
the safe enchant limit (most of the time +3)
-> you have then SB+3 and DB+0
3. Now it depends on your timing!
Take an enchantscroll - activate it - put your
SB+3 in it and click enchant - the weapon and
the scroll flow in an animation together
4. Right 0,3seconds before the little firework
/explosion comes you put the DB+0 in the
enchant window

What now will happen will blow your brain ^^
You had an SB+3 in it but the window will say
Successfuly DB+1 ...BUT.... if you look in you
inventory you can see that the DB is still +0!
The safe enchant (1->2->3) will be gone on
the SB which will be +4 (safe!) ....

You have to train it a few times before you know
when you have to put the +0 in the window!

Tipp: Train with d-grade first before you try on s-grade!
And another tipp... work with the sound! ...
the second before the weapons come together will have an extraordinary/unique sound!!!

have fun

Edit: Tested and works on EVERY Gracia Part2-Server!!!

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